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“ASP is the worldwide leading broker for ski regions, resorts, glacial regions, cable car facilities and other similar leisure and sports properties!”

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The international market leading expert brokers for the sale of leisure and sports properties Auer, Springer & Partner (ASP Global Hotel Brokers) have been one of the most important ports of call for the owners of ski regions, cable car companies, glacial regions, ski resorts and other similar sports and leisure facilities since 1983.

Over 30 years of experience in all tourism sectors particularly in the consultation and development of ski resorts, ski lifts, etc. mean we guarantee a professional and discrete approach. An extraordinary network of investors, banks, prospective buyers, registered customers, and an extensive international sales and marketing network for ski regions, glaciers, cable car companies and other leisure and sports properties provide ideal conditions for successfully selling your property.

Our success in selling / brokering several large renowned ski resorts in recent years has caused a sensation and attracted a great deal of worldwide media attention. It was only a few months ago that ASPI AG sold a whole glacier including all mountains, ski lifts, hotels, buildings, etc. to the Schröcksnadel / Feratel / Sitour corporation and partner Athesia. The sale of Park City ski resort in the USA to Vail Resorts in autumn 2014 for approximately $185 million dollars afforded the seller PowdrCorp a hefty capital boost which may now be invested in a very well-known ski resort in Switzerland and Italy. ASPI AG is currently carrying out negotiations to this effect.

ASP Global Hotel Brokers is always on the look out for ski resorts, glacial lifts, ski lifts to sell

ASP Global Hotel Brokers currently has approximately 725 hotels, 80 palaces, 120 luxury properties and around 45 leisure and sports properties, including some well renowned ski resorts exclusively available for sale; in all sizes, categories, price ranges and in more than 50 countries. Nevertheless, we still have prospective buyers who we have not yet been able to find a ski resort or region for because in many regions there are simply no suitable businesses available for sale or lease. This applies in particular to some ski regions in southern Germany, Switzerland, western and southern Austria, northern Italy and the French Alps, but we are also on the look out for profitable ski regions in the Czech Republic and Rumania.

We are currently urgently looking for good ski resorts throughout Europe.

We have a number of travel corporations, ski resort owners, environmentally concerned strategic investors, private trusts and home offices, private investors and international companies who are increasingly looking for investment opportunities in ski resorts, cable car facilities, glacial and ski resorts, and any kind of sports facility which has close links to the natural environment and is well-positioned to attract tourists.

There is particularly high demand for well-positioned ski resorts. When it comes to ski resorts most of are registered customers are looking for somewhere big and high; the bigger the better and the higher the better. Major investors are interested in buying „HIDEAWAYS“; the leading, largest and most well-known ski resorts across Europe and America. The demand for ski resorts amongst ASP’s registered prospective buyers currently drastically exceeds supply. International buyers are particularly on the look out for large renowned ski regions and glacial regions in western Austria, northern Italy and Switzerland.

How do the expert brokers for ski regions and leisure real estate at ASPI AG work?

To put it briefly: in a low-key, discreet and extremely focused manner. Selling a ski region, a glacier, a cable car company or even just shares in them is always a very sensitive and discrete matter. The expert brokers for leisure real estate at ASP are aware of this fact. It is precisely this that proves such a challenge when it comes to marketing ski resorts professionally internationally. Finding a balance between disclosing enough information to arouse the target group’s interest whilst ensuring the ski resort’s identity remains as anonymous as possible.

We always start off by contacting eligible, renowned, professional investors in ski resorts and tourism corporations personally. This target group already operate one or several ski resorts and have previously expressed an interest in expanding or making new acquisitions. We arrange private meetings or meetings in small groups with the board or owners of these corporations to ascertain interest levels and explore the options available.

The next step is to contact registered investors and prospective buyers in similar branches. These includes select tourism corporations, major hotel operators, leisure and sport property and theme park operators, etc. These meetings are also discreet and confidential and by presenting benchmarks ASP can ascertain interest levels and explore the available options.

The ski resort brokers at ASP will then go on to target strategic investors, associations for nature conservation, private trusts, funds, insurance providers, banks, industry corporations and select private individuals who have previously registered an interest in buying ski resorts, glaciers, larger areas of land in the respective region, or something similar with ASP. The expert brokers at ASP and the management of ASPI AG try to develop scenarios of how best to market the investment, how the ski resort could be most successful and most importantly to present the investor with projected profits.

At the same time we will launch a worldwide silent marketing campaign for the ski resort in question aimed at investors, private trusts and wealthy individuals from outside the industry for whom such an involvement would be worthwhile and who also have the necessary capital. These investors are not usually looking to manage a ski resort themselves but are interested in financial participation with a guaranteed return on investment. The expert brokers at ASPI AG are used to the fact that Russian and Ukrainian oligarchies, Asian investors and American corporations inevitably form part of this group and negotiating with them is part and parcel of everyday business.

We are looking forward to selling your ski region / your shares of a ski region /your ski resort

The hotel brokers at ASP Global Hotel Brokers, under the leadership of Bodo Count of Hardenberg, Enikö Horvath, Susanne Ronnacher, Dr. Fritz Weiring and Allegra Vanderbilt in Munich, Vienna, Budapest and in Zürich look forward to being entrusted with the sale of your ski region, cable car company or shares of a ski region. ASP is ideally positioned on the global market to sell your property, has the most experienced hotel experts and hotel brokers for the task and with around 725 hotels, 80 palaces, around 120 luxury properties and approximately 45 leisure and sports properties, including a number of renowned ski regions on its books and 75% of properties sold within 8 to 11 months, it is by far the largest and most successful broker for hotels, ski resorts, palaces, luxury properties and leisure real estate worldwide.

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